Congratulations, Team Apple!

As of June 30, our very first Vittana Teams competition has come to close.  And we have a winner! A very hearty congratulations to Team Apple and Vittana lender, Chris Kane, for making it to the top of the leader board as champion for education in the month of June. $7,172 loan dollars were raised [...]

Introducing Vittana AutoLend

When our lenders ask, we listen. As you know, when you make a loan to a student on Vittana, that student makes monthly repayments. When Vittana receives those repayments, we pass them on to you as Vittana Credit.  Our lenders love using their Vittana Credit to support more students, but many lenders tell us they [...]

Quotation of the Week: Ability vs. Opportunity

“Ability is of little account without opportunity.” -Lucille Ball This week marked Lucille Ball’s birthday. Were she still alive, she would now be 100. I can still vividly remember watching re-runs of ‘I Love Lucy’ with my grandparents growing up, and I can’t help but laugh every time I think of that famous conveyor belt [...]

World: 1, Absolute Poverty: 0

In anything, there are good days and bad. Reading about current world events like famine, shootings and plane crashes can get depressing quickly – and that’s just this week’s news cycle. However, those lows can make the good-news highs that much better. And it turns out today might just be one of those days. I [...]

Top Three Things I’ve Learned About Filipino Microfinance

For the past two weeks, I have been criss-crossing the Philippines with Sanjaya Punyasena, one of Vittana’s International Partnerships Managers, and Roger Johnson, our Chief Financial Advisor. We have spent 2-3 days with each of our three Filipino partners, meeting staff and students at each step along the way. Why are we doing this? Other [...]

Happy Tuesday, Mr. President!

Okay, so it’s not Tuesday any more. But it was two days ago. And two days ago turned out to be pretty exciting. We arrived at work on Tuesday to find that President Obama was visiting our building that morning. There were squad cars everywhere, the roads were blocked off, and it was a bit [...]

Student highlights: Alejandro Vargas

Have you looked closely at the bios of any of our students lately? They have amazingly compelling stories. Often, it is our Fellows who meet them in person and tell their stories (like here, here and here), but as we are currently in a brief lull between Fellows, I am going to do my best [...]

Microfinance 101: Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank

As Vittana grows, we thought it might be beneficial to explore some of the early foundations of microfinance. While student loans go a step beyond the traditional concept to focus on students rather than business ventures, we are definitely rooted in its core principles. So let’s take a quick look at the early days. It [...]

Gift Certificates Extended by Popular Request

Graduation is right around the corner – have you bought your niece a graduation gift yet? Or do you have a family member with a birthday coming up? In case you didn’t see our post about Mother’s Day, two weeks ago we ran a last-minute campaign to send your mom a gift unlike any other [...]

Happy Birthday to Vittana!

This month, we’re celebrating our first full year of student lending. To tell you the truth, we’ve been around a bit longer but our first loans came online in May 2009 so we’re calling the date here. Most importantly, it has been an incredible year. Our lenders are currently funding students from five different countries, [...]