What’s so Extraordinary about Microfinance?

Going into my fellowship I knew far less about microfinance than I thought I did. I had read Mohammed Yunnus’ book and a couple of other popular academics on global poverty and international development, and for some reason I was drawn to the microfinance industry. I thought by engaging in the banking and loan side [...]

A Lot to Overcome; the Wilmar Calinga Story

In the Philippines it is easy to get blindfolded by people’s happy demeanor and not realize how much people here overcome in their everyday lives. Filipino’s in general are happy, fun and playful, and work here is exactly that, however their lives are anything but easy. I have been living and working in Mindanao for [...]

An Entitlement to Education: Kristi Salazar’s Story

Since arriving in the Philippines I have been shocked at how easy it has been to adjust to life here, and how quickly it has started to feel like home. Heading into the rural Philippines, and a low-income country, I never suspected adaptation would be so easy. Of course, dumping buckets of water over my [...]