Breaking Microfinance News: Is Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus Fired?

We woke up this morning to some disturbing news: that Nobel Prize Winner (and “grandfather” of the microfinance movement)¬†Muhammad Yunus has been asked to step down as Managing Director of Grameen Bank (which he founded 1983).

We’ve been following the story and wanted to send you a chronology of articles so that you can keep up-to-date on these big changes going on in microfinance.

March 2:

Feb 28:
The Guardian: Grameen Bank Founder Muhammad Yunus Survives Attempt to Oust Him

Feb 21:
The Guardian: Microfinance Guru Faces Removal From Grameen Bank

Feb 15:
BBC: Muhammad Yunus: Bangladesh Urges Him To Retire

Jan 26:
The Guardian: Microfinance and the Fallout from the Muhammad Yunus Case

Jan 18:
The Guardian: Grameen’s Muhammad Yunus in Court for Defamation Case

Jan 12:
BBC: Bangladesh Announces Probe into Grameen Bank

Jan 5:
NYT: Is Bangladesh Trying to Take Over Grameen Bank?

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