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Have you looked closely at the bios of any of our students lately? They have amazingly compelling stories. Often, it is our Fellows who meet them in person and tell their stories (like here, here and here), but as we are currently in a brief lull between Fellows, I am going to do my best from Seattle.

Antonio Alejandro Vargas Osorio lives in Masaya, Nicaragua. He’s 24 years old, and dreams of becoming a doctor. More than that, he wants to be a surgeon helping the people who need it the most.

Alejandro is studying to be a surgeon

There are a myriad of reasons to want to “help” people, but Alejandro is ahead of the curve on this one. When asked what his greatest dream was, he responded “My dream is to be a medical specialist who can actively influence and advance the development of public health in my homeland. … I want to do this for myself and my family, and most of all I want to do this because I want to build a better world for everyone.”

The course of study to become a surgeon is extremely difficult in any country, but Alejandro has worked hard to prepare himself for his career, even going so far as to spend his holidays visiting operating rooms. And in Nicaragua, where less than 9 percent of men have been able to obtain college degrees, his perseverance is incredible. He doesn’t mind working hard, though: “I have learned that every sacrifice and effort is worthwhile.”

He’s been attending Universidad Americana to finish his degree, but needed a loan to be able to continue to go to school. So he requested a Vittana loan for $1121 through our partner in Nicaragua, AFODENIC.

The incredible thing is, with this loan and when he finishes school, Alejandro will be able to more than double his income. He currently only makes about $750 a month, but as a surgeon, he can make around $1750 a month. That’s a huge leap for him and his family, and his Vittana loan (just $1121) made it all possible.

Just in case you were worried Alejandro doesn’t leave any time for the fun stuff, he also exercises regularly (baseball is a favorite). Vittana lenders have currently contributed $421 to his loan, so if you want to help close his loan out, click here.

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