Vittana Launches in India!

Vittana is now active in India! Barely four months after we brought Parvati Patil on as Regional Program Manager to focus solely on building our programs in India we have an active parter, WSDS-Initiate. Vittana’s program Director Sanjaya Punyasena comments, “my first Vittana trip to India was in March 2011. Three years later I am [...]

Education Amidst Uncertainty in Cambodia

The loan market in Cambodia presents many unique challenges that stem from the country’s violent political history. Like much of South East Asia, Cambodia was colonized by European forces and its fight for independence in 1954 left the nation unstable for a decade. The result was a violent communist revolution, the ascension to power of the brutal [...]

2013 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting: the need for social entrepreneurship

Today marks the first day of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting taking place in New York. This year’s theme is Mobilizing for Impact and the three day conference features many world leaders and change-makers across the development sphere. Today’s lunch plenary session featured Tony Elumelu, Chairman of Heirs Holdings Limited, Bill Gates, Co-chair and Trustee of Bill & [...]

What is the Role of Religion in Education Globally?

The role of religion in education is a controversial topic in many countries around the globe today. In North American and Europe the discussion aims around the balancing act between an individual’s freedoms to be religious and the need for education to be secular and unbiased. In the US, where education is universal and compulsory, [...]

University vs Vocational education: is one superior?

Our mission is to reduce youth poverty. Through expanding access to education we envision youth earning gainful employment and moving out of poverty. But when promoting loans for education programs, which kind of education is best for finding employment and earning a livable wage? Vittana intern Cho Kim analyzed 4-year university programs versus shorter, vocational [...]

After massive protests, Brazil invests in education

Sparked by a 10-cent hike in public transit fees this June 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets in several major cities to protest government corruption and widespread anger about the poor state of social services in Brazil. Framing the issue was the backdrop of the upcoming World Cup set to take place this coming summer in [...]

Vittana launches in Cambodia!

We are so excited to announce that Vittana has launched partnerships with 3 new partners in Cambodia: KREDIT, Maxima, VisionFund Cambodia! Cambodia is our 13th country of operation! The Cambodian Government’s national agenda has made significant strides forward during the 2000s and has largely been hailed as an international development success. Although school enrollments have [...]

Amidst turmoil, what happens to the youth in Egypt?

The political upheaval in Egypt has greatly affected the whole nation and region but with almost one-third of Egypt’s population aged 10–24, youth may be disproportionally affected and left with no immediate solution. When the civil unrest began the citizen group Tamarod created a petition to have Morsi removed on the grounds of the slipping economy, poor security, and lack [...]

Women or Men – Who Deserves It More?

When choosing who should receive a microfinance loan, how influential is the recipient’s gender to you? Recently, an article was posted on Good+You entitled “Men and Microfinance: Why They’re Overlooked, and Why We Should Care.”  Camille Ricketts explained how microfinance is often associated with female empowerment and how a majority of loan/grant programs are implemented [...]

What is the most important thing your mother has taught you?

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12.  Many of us are lucky to have strong, admirable woman in our lives and sometimes, we take for granted all of the things mothers do for us – like helping with our homework, or packing our lunches for school when we we’re young. Our mothers support our search [...]