Saving a Technical Vocational School in the Philippines

“I came from a poor family background and paid for my studies while working as a janitor, therefore I’m dedicated to helping out of school youth acquire skills for a better future” said Pastor Gana. Pastor is the President of St. Paul Colleges Foundation, which is a private university located in Central Luzon, Philippines. Their [...]

Devastation in the Philippines

When we first heard the news about Typhoon Haiyan we were shocked and worried about our MFI partners and the thousands of Vittana students located in the Philippines. Of our 5 partners in the Philippines, NWTF, whose base of operations is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines, was the most badly affected. We’ve [...]

Addressing the Gender Gap through Education

The World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Gender Gap report is out and the results may surprise you. The report studied how closely women were reaching parity with men in 136 countries around the globe. In order to quantify this information the report made assessments through ratios of men to women in four different areas: economic [...]

ASKI Drops Interest Rate to 0%!

Huge news coming in from the Philippines this week! ASKI, one of our biggest partners in the Philippines has decided to lower their interest rate to 0% for existing clients! We are thrilled at their decision to offer a truly social product that puts the student first. But with large numbers of young Filipinos needing [...]

College Fairs in the Philippines

It’s the beginning of summer in the Philippines which is not all that different from summer back in the States: school is out and it’s dang hot. At NWTF, however, we are not out frolicking on the beach (actually, I get my fair share of frolicking in) because April and May are big student loan [...]

In the Philippines difficulty paying tuition leads to suicide

On Friday March 15, 2013, a 16-year old University of Philippines (UP) student committed suicide after being unable to pay her tuition fees. She was missing 10,000 Filipino peso, which is equivalent to $250. The student, Kristel Tejada was a first year student, eldest of five siblings, whose father works as a taxi driver. She [...]

Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines

I didn’t sleep much the night before. I’ll blame it on excitement, but more likely it was the rare treat of Vietnamese coffee. I was on Cebu Island for “work.” Well, we actually were running college fairs and conducting product orientations during the week, but I was mostly excited for today, for swimming with whale sharks. WHALE [...]

UCLA MBA Students Provide Consulting Services for Vittana

Two teams of MBA students from the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson School of Business completed their projects providing valuable consulting services for Vittana! For the first time Vittana participated in UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Applied Management Research (AMR) program, where students used their knowledge and skills in real-life projects and offered valuable consulting [...]

Lessons Learned After a Fellowship in the Philippines

Reflecting on my time spent in the Philippines is bittersweet. I have learned more in my short time here than I could have ever possibly hoped for. I applied this fellowship to help fulfill my internship requirement for my degree. When I was accepted, I was elated that I would be able to work for [...]