Why Vittana works best overseas

At its core Vittana’s model is a simple one: many students can’t continue towards higher education due to financial barriers, so by providing loans to students we can offer them a solution, reduce drop-out rates, and foster bright futures. In the States where we are based, student loans are a touchy subject. With tuition costs [...]

Going out there: promoting student loans in Bolivia!

It has been about two months since I started my fellowship with Banco Fie, Vittana’s partner bank in Bolivia. It is a very interesting job and I’m impressed by Banco Fie’s professionalism, it’s no wonder they were rated Number 1 Microfinance bank in the Americas! Banco Fie has given out Vittana student loans, called Crédito [...]

Partnership Building in Peru

This past week I travelled to Peru to meet with current Vittana partners and pitch to potential MFI partners. Peru is the #1 ranked microfinance market in the world for the 6th year in a row according to the IFC, student loans do not exist on a large scale, and the technical education sector is one [...]

Photoessay: Ghana

Our program in Ghana began in 2011 since then we’ve served around 220 students. Ghana is Africa’s 12th largest country with a population around 25 million, and growing at a rate of 2.3%.

Women or Men – Who Deserves It More?

When choosing who should receive a microfinance loan, how influential is the recipient’s gender to you? Recently, an article was posted on Good+You entitled “Men and Microfinance: Why They’re Overlooked, and Why We Should Care.”  Camille Ricketts explained how microfinance is often associated with female empowerment and how a majority of loan/grant programs are implemented [...]

5 ways to build a student loan with the largest bank in Bolivia

I arrived in La Paz, Bolivia in the middle of May to begin my Vittana Fellowship. I was tasked with beginning a new Vittana partnership with BancoSol. BancoSol is the largest Micro-finance Institution in Bolivia, and now Vittana’s largest partner in all of the Americas. Since I arrived, I have flown throughout the country, met [...]

Communication around aid is now a 2-way street

Something interesting and exciting has happened and it’s occurred enough times that I’m ready to say it’s the start of something new. As Vittana’s Operations Coordinator two of my responsibilities are providing customer service and managing Vittana’s social media outlets. Most of our customer service emails are from our users and most of our mentions [...]

Minds of the Future: A Conversation with Young Indonesians Studying Abroad

The Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) is one of Vittana’s partners in Indonesia. PSF has long been a proponent and patron of education equality for students coming from rural households and underprivileged backgrounds. This year, the PSF selected 25 students and sent them to study in the U.S. on a scholarship program. The students all came [...]

On the Road in Chiapas, Mexico with Te Creemos

“And this is where it jumped onto the road,”  said Don Erasmo, pointing into the darkness. “It was hairy, had a long nose, about the size of a seven-year-old child. It stopped in front of my car for a second, waved its long, pointy fingers at me and then disappeared into the darkness.” It is eight [...]

Lessons Learned After a Fellowship in the Philippines

Reflecting on my time spent in the Philippines is bittersweet. I have learned more in my short time here than I could have ever possibly hoped for. I applied this fellowship to help fulfill my internship requirement for my degree. When I was accepted, I was elated that I would be able to work for [...]