Welcome Charlotte, Vittana’s First Baby

On a personal note, we have big news at the Vittana Headquarters. We are so excited to welcome baby Charlotte Elizabeth Sanchez Comeau to the Vittana Family! Charlotte was born on March 29th at 7 pounds and 13.6 ounces and 19 inches long. Nikki Sanchez Comeau, Vittana’s Global Program Associate stopped by the office the other day to [...]

One Month with Kiva

Today marks the completion of our first month of loans on Kiva.org! This first month of Vittana students on Kiva has been met with huge success. Our partners have been posting directly to Kiva’s web platform with ease and educational loans have been wildly popular! Thank you to the Vittana community that continues to support [...]

4 Years of Lending: Vittana’s Impact Report

At Vittana we are constantly working to grow and improve our operations. We believe in continually evaluating and assessing our programs to ensure that our loan programs are providing the best support possible for the young adults we serve. As of January 2014, over 20,000 Vittana loans have been disbursed to 15,000 students who are [...]

Vittana’s History in a Handy Timeline

At Vittana we spent the summer working through a strategic planning process. We have reached 10,000 students, a huge milestone–– and just the beginning towards our goal of 1 million students. During the months of strategic planning we evaluated Vittana’s impact, our value, and our role in the student loan and microfinance fields. We identified [...]

Meet a Student: Ruth Serwa Nyarko

Ruth is a 20 year old nursing student from Sarpeiman, Ghana, a small suburb of Accra, the nation’s capital. She dreams of becoming a nurse but has been struggling to find consistent funding for her education. Both of her parents only achieved a primary level of education and work as farmers, a profession known for its unstable [...]

Quarterly@ – Q2 2013

This quarter saw continued growth at Vittana—and I’ll get to the numbers shortly—but it was also the time when I joined the team and learned about the amazing work you’ve all done. Although I had been involved with “traditional” microfinance for years, I was introduced to Vittana during the CEO search. I immediately saw the [...]

Women or Men – Who Deserves It More?

When choosing who should receive a microfinance loan, how influential is the recipient’s gender to you? Recently, an article was posted on Good+You entitled “Men and Microfinance: Why They’re Overlooked, and Why We Should Care.”  Camille Ricketts explained how microfinance is often associated with female empowerment and how a majority of loan/grant programs are implemented [...]

Exciting News: A New CEO!

What a few months! 10,000 students, two new countries, and today we’re moving into new offices as I post this – Vittana is racing forward, but there’s something even more special – A new CEO! We set out to look for a unicorn and, guess what? We found her. Her name is Robin. After looking [...]

Quarterly@ – Q1 2013

It’s been an exciting winter at Vittana and we wanted to share our accomplishments and what’s on the horizon:   Spring brings new growth, and renewed hope for the future with each passing year. This week, we find ourselves shaken by the cowardly acts in Boston. Yet we are reminded that even in the darkest [...]