4 Years of Lending: Vittana’s Impact Report

At Vittana we are constantly working to grow and improve our operations. We believe in continually evaluating and assessing our programs to ensure that our loan programs are providing the best support possible for the young adults we serve. As of January 2014, over 20,000 Vittana loans have been disbursed to 15,000 students who are repaying at an impressive 98% rate. Although Vittana prioritizes working in countries where employment is possible and education quality acceptable, students in these countries face many challenges on the road to employment. We have always been committed to testing our mission and hypothesis against on-the-ground reality. In 2012, we conducted a study with 122 graduates in Paraguay. This past year, we completed our most ambitious study: 475 surveys across 6 countries.

The fundamental questions asked: 

Are you employed? If yes, 

  • How long did it take you to find a job?
  • What is your monthly salary?
  • Are you working in your field of study?

We looked at these questions from a variety of angles: by country, by school type (university versus technical), by time elapsed since graduation, etc. to determine what characteristics are most likely to lead to employment. Of our discoveries we found that 85% of survey respondents are employed a year after graduation and 79% of employed respondents are working in their field of study. We found that on average graduates find work 4.9 months after graduation and the average pay increase was 93%.

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Megan Halbrook

About The Author:

Megan is an Operations Coordinator at Vittana. She is interested in issues surrounding global health and development and excited to be working with a small team of passionate individuals. Previously Megan was conducting research in health economy for the Quebec government and platforms in New Delhi and Geneva. Megan holds a BA in medical anthropology from McGill University.

My Website: http://vittana.org